Electricity and Gas

Until the end of 1394/2015, the province's electric power was provided by 353 km orbit of 400 kV, 825 km orbit of 230 kV and 1721 km orbit of 63 kV through high voltage transmission lines of the country's power plants. The number of the province's electricity subscribers by the end of 1394/2015 was 509,566. The household sector consumed 38%, the industrial sector15%, the commercial sector 5%, the agriculture sector 28%, and other sectors 14% of the province's electric power.




Gas distributing companies supply the gas by of LPG cylinders as well as urban gas supply. The performance of Lorestan gas company is as follows:

Domestic gas consumption (input gas) is 1400 cubic meters

The number of installed residential and commercial subscriptions is 215165

The number of installed industrial subscriptions is 666