Historical Background

According to archaeologists, Lorestan Province is one of the most important centers of world history and Lors are the oldest inhabitants of Iran.  Some researchers believe that the history of evidence of human group life and settlement in Lorestan Province goes back to Ashoulin period, about 80,000 to 100,000 years ago and some others claim that this history even goes back to the era before the Ashoulin period. This  evidence was found in a place called Pol Baarik (narrow bridge) near the Seymareh river. similar evidence has been found in caves and shelters of Homian 1 and 2, Mir Malas, Kenji, Grarjeneh, Eshkoft Qomri,  and Pasangar. In addition to appropriate environmental conditions, natural resources like plenty of water, sufficient food and abundant fuel are other factors of human settlement in this region.Moreover, Lorestan is one of the places, where residents domesticated animals and planted crops and initiator of village life and farming. These changes led to the emergence of civilization.