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Lorestan Land of Hidden Treasures

According to archaeologists, Lorestan Province is one of the most important...

The geographical location of the province With an area of ​​about 28,064 square kilometers,...

Lorestan in general, has a mountainous or Mediterranean climate with spring rain...

According to the national census in 1394, Lorestan has the population of about 1.8 million,...

Lorestan province is the wettest province of the country, after three northern provinces. The...

Lorestan province is the wettest province of the country, after three...

Until the end of 1394/2015, the province's electric power was provided by 353 km...

Due to young population and  the developments in telecommunications, there are great...

Some government  insurance companies, including Iran, Alborz, Asia and Dana and some private...

According to statistics, by the end of 1394, the total number of students...

Hall Stock Exchange opening of secondary and minor creature Stock Exchange province of...

Khorramabad airport with a history of over 60 years is one of the oldest...



Rich resources and numerous, diverse agricultural products, extensive livestock,


Medicinal plants, herbal remedies

Has 254 plant species of medicinal plants constitute 20% of the total.



Syrjan Vzagrs folded metamorphic zone not suitable for mining



Proximity to major population centers and border provinces, industrial Country



Rated First 1,500 natural monument



It has abundant water resources, fertile soil and favorable geographical conditions

About Center

Investment Service Center Lorestan province to support, facilitate and accelerate investment in the province in line with the objectives set forth in the Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Act-passed in 1380 formed and ready to serve investors is respected.

Center services to domestic and foreign investors

  •     Dear advising investors on potential investments and economic empowerment in terms of activities authorized by representatives of the respective devices and investment experts center
  •     Informing and advising investors to respect the relevant provisions, capacity and existing legal protections and exemptions and investment incentives in the province
  •     Working to reduce the number of early stage investment
  •    Working to resolve other problems and barriers to investment


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