Tourist topics of lorestan province

Lorestan province is one of the few regions that has three potentials of

1) Natural Resources,

2) Historical Works, and

3) Cultural Factors. Each of these areas is of interest to particular groups of people and investors. 

Natural Landscapes and Geographical Exotic Sites include


  1. Suitable plantation and forest trees, highs and mountains, rivers, waterfalls, lagoons, lakes, springs and springheads, life variety, suitable area, pristine landscapes
  2. Tourism Geosites such as Shirez valley, Kahman valley, Gahar lake, Poldokhtar lagoons, Sepiddasht area, etc.
  3. Particular ecological phenomena such as Lorestani Salmendar habitat, Blind Fish habitat, Old trees, endemic trees and plants, etc.
  4. Biological evolution such as cliff paintings of Hoomian shelters, Mirmelas, Doosheh, Dork and Arjenak, etc.
  5. Geoogical Phenomena such as the strongest earthquake in northern hemisphere in Tangefani region causing regional lagoons.
  6. Natural beaty of the reagion such as Khoramabad valley with surrounding pre-historic caves (Ghomri, Konji, Yafteh, Gararjena, Pasangar) and tens of other registerd caves with their cultural and historical significance.


Historical potentials


  • Various cultural-historical sites such as immovable tangible assets (hills, courtyards, buildings, complexes), movable assets (Bronze, iron, silver, gold, china, glass and stone objects)












     Cultural potentials 

    • Intangible works (traditions and oral customs, drama, social customs celebrations and rituals, cosmos related traditions, skills in artifacts and traditional handicrafts)