Some of the most important events in 95 performance Lorestan Province

introduced Lorestan as a type of resistance economy
The opening line of water transfer to Kaka Reza
Opening Lorestan agricultural and animal husbandry in the presence of Minister of Agriculture
Khorramabad introduced as one of the seven tourist destination country
The opening of the first phase of the food industry Gahar
96-bed hospital opened by the Minister of Health in Aligudarz
Lorestan Petrochemical opened in the presence of First Vice President
First Vice President attended the opening of Hoziyan dam
opening Rodbar dam in the presence of Minister of Energy
The opening of a new 500-hectare irrigation scheme Khatun Ba Delfan attended by Interior Minister
The opening of a new irrigation project in the
 vicinity of the 500-hectare agro-industrial Khorramabad
After years of record significant reduction in the unemployment rate in Lorestan
Airport development plan
Disposition of Sakhreii Hotel in Khorramabad
Construction of the park Shapoori
The opening of the bridge jihadists and Paul Maziar Khorramabad
Heavy equipment operation, steel AZNA
 The opening of 140 village water supply project to the city line and substation Poldokhtar in the presence of Minister of Energy
Opening of water supply schemes in 80 villages in Lorestan via video conference attended by First Vice President
 Opening of Lorestan University Veterinary Hospital and its peripheral parts in the presence of Minister of Science
 pick a woman a thousand-megawatt power plant in Khorramabad in the presence of Minister of Energy
 liberalization of regional tourism plan Khman Elster
 Inaugural dam crest with the Emir of Kaa
 Opening Page News and Radio posing with the provincial Executive Vice President
 extending digital coverage Lorestan Broadcasting Center
 Opening the second largest air base in Lorestan emergency Aligudarz
 Open the gas supply to 160 villages in Lorestan Initialize gas to 207 villages in the presence of the CEO of Iranian gas
 reconstruction of railway Lorestan cost of 180 million dollars
 Construction begins on 50-acre hydroponic greenhouse in the agro-industrial complex and tourism Lorestan
 Opening Dental School University of Medical Sciences
 Opening of the martyr Rahimi hospital chemotherapy Khorramabad
 Opening of green bitumen production plant in Khorramabad
 Opening of Justice Bayranshahr
 Opening the pool of Justice Lorestan
 Opening of echocardiography in the clinic educators
 Opening of School Razavieh
The start of construction was attended by Minister of Livestock 6 thousand Rossi Delfan
 Opening of Social Security hospital emergency rooms, hospital radiology Tirage digitization center and a multi-purpose sports hall in the presence of Minister of Cooperatives
 Clinic Hospital opened on the former governor martyr Rahimi
 Opening 11 plan by the Minister of Justice in the hospital martyr Rahimi Khorramabad
 Increased hospital beds to 400 beds martyr Rahimi Khorramabad
 projects with a capacity of one thousand tons of fish in cages in Lorestan
 Opening of four-lane Khorramabad Elster Minister of Roads and Urban Development
 The opening week of Mehr housing scheme in the presence of the Minister of Justice
 Launch of 21 new drug elixir factory in Borujerd
Third place in payment out of recession in the country