Lorestan in the course of history

In the third millennium B.C., people in Mesopotamia (The Babylonians and Sumerians) entered the historical era and, based on the discovered documents, contributed to the clarification of their own and their neighbors’ history. According to the documents, there were people living southern Mesopotamia including the Elamite and The Kassites settling in parts of Lorestan so that these people are said to be the first inhabitants of Lorestan .Being home to the most registered historical and natural sites, Lorestan comes first in the country.

This province, with its exclusive features including particular geographical location and the four-season climate, has a civilization as old as the human history. Other notable features include being in mountainous region of Zagros, having numerous historical and natural monuments such as historical castles, ancient and natural caves, permanent rivers, springheads, waterfalls, mountain lakes, beautiful lagoons, high mountains, various trees and plants, ancient hills, historical bridges, and different tribes each with its own customs and traditions. These reveal that Lorestan has potentials for developing touring and tourism industry.