Launching five map of Lori carpet on the journey of Ms. Fereshteh Pesak, director of Iran carpet house in Lorestan province

The manger of the Lorestan Industry, Mining and Trade Organization announced at the ceremony of the launch of five Lori carpet maps: "Although the carpet of Lorestan has a lot of history and is considered one of our culture and originality," he added: "No action has been taken so far on identifying Larry carpets. And last year, with the efforts we were able to exploit this carpet today.
After these plans, the plans and plans will be unveiled in the near future. The fixing of the map of Lori carpet will make the carpet chain complete in the province and dyeing workshops are also activated.
"We can better work with our designers under these conditions," he added, adding that "Lori's carpet has been registered globally, and now we can follow it with the name of the export province."