Kogan Cave

Kogan Cave


South East Khoramabad, Kilometer 40, Khoram-Zal Highway


Kogan cave with its exclusive fortress-like structure is considered as a human masterpiecepositionedat the heart of the nature and dates back to Parthian (Arsacid) era. This man-made cave which is theresult of tortuous carvings was built at the heart of Lorestan mountains  and is one of the rare multi-floor caves in the world.

It covers the total area of 281 m2. The two square-shaped entrances at a height of 2o m from the surface are 2.50 and 2.20 m2. In the first floor, there are 4 rooms and connected corridors and the second floor is located 3.40 m above the first. Of its unique features is water supplies inside the rooms. Kogan cave is a national registered historical site.