Historical castle Falakol-Aflak

Historical Castle of Falak-ol-Aflak


Center of Khoramabad


Built during Sassanid era, Falak-ol-Aflak is one of the magnificent historical castles in Iran. Of its main features are its position on the top of rocks dominating the historical vally of Khoramabad; proximity to pre-historic caves and other historical sites and monuments such as the Inscribed Stone, the Brick Minaret, Shapouri Bridge, Gabri Mill, Gerdab Sangi; and Golestan stream originating from the north of the hill. The castle covers an area of 5,300 square metres (57,000 sq ft) and includes 5 towers, 2 courtyards, and 300 shelters. The height of the tallest wall is 23m from the hill. This castle, because of its strategic position, was Al-e-Hosnavieh and Ganjoor government base. Also, the castle has had a number of functions such as Badr family treasury in the 4th century Hijrah, Atabakan-e-Lor and  Lorestan governors base during Safavid until Gajar dynasty, and the military base and prison during Pahlavi I and II dynasty.