Economic minister said about a codification comprehensive economic program for next year

In the end of this year, a workgroup includes some expert person and prominent managers for evaluation weak and strength points of department and make  a codification comprehensive economic program for next year.
Tayebniya said: this program is supervisor to all of the economic department mission on macro-level include economic policy, financial and the sixth development program also internal guidelines of department.
he said about macro project implemented: comprehensive tax plan, e-treasury launched, establishment of the accrual accounting ,integrated customs system like as rails that move in them continues
Mr minister ask to all of the general directors that focus on the continued implementation of action plans of ministries in the final year of government said: The continued success of the eleventh state to improve the business environment, Improving Competitiveness Index, inflation control, the positive rates of growth, restore stability to the foreign exchange market and gold depends on the hard work and focus full set Ministry of Economy is in the final year of the eleventh state.
Economy Minister added that in the current economic situation, the mission prominent is the responsibility of the Ministry of economy that one of them maintain these achievements and pursue other reforms such as government budgeting modify the banking system, promote the role of capital markets in financing firms and the like is