Countrymen invitation for visit Lorestan in Noroz vacation

Mr Bazvand the governor of Lorestan province in the meeting with director General fisheries with the presence Mr Salehi head of fisheries organization department said:
Lorestan has a lot of reasonless resource that pay more attention to them,cause improve economic activity in province.
Being in the main road ,decent weather, more than two thousand and four hundred km waterways and river, fertile soil, monuments, amazing geo-parks, unbelievable waterfalls, historical bridges, natural oil and gass fields, natural stone quarries and tar and more than ten feature in Lorestan
Utilization three dam per each year, pressurized irrigation area of twelve thousand hectares, gas delivery to more than six hundred sixty village, aviation boom, improve production activity in Agro-Industry, alloy steel, Gahar food industry, note authorities with more than two hundred and fifty trip to Lorestan is some of title activity in province.
This meeting is a good chance to countrymen invitation for visit Lorestan in Noroz vacation.