Service center

Investment Service Center Lorestan province to support, facilitate and accelerate investment in the province in line with the objectives set forth in the Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Act-passed in 1380 formed and ready to serve investors is respected.

our services
Dear advising investors on potential investments and economic empowerment in terms of total Alkhtyar activities by representatives of the respective devices and investment experts center
Informing and advising investors to respect the relevant provisions, capacity and existing legal protections and exemptions and investment incentives in the province.

consultation and cooperation in the field of choosing projects and providing investment projects defined in the center to investors to isolate and economic sectors with interest and expertise investors
cooperation to reduce the time and the number of investment in the early stages of the
cooperation to remove all the difficulties and obstacles in the way of investment

Why choose us?

  • historical high of Lorestan province
  • geographical location of the province
  • Excellent weather conditions Lorestan province
  • Population and workforce in the province
  • suitable soil and abundant water resources and Lorestan province
  • Transport and communication path Lorestan province